What if I lose the group?

The 7th of an 8 part weekly series on handling and preparing for problems.

We are going to look at this specific scenario as it is the one time that group members may end up alone with no one else to discuss problems with. Injuries etc. generally occur where there are others to help, but if you have become separated from the group you need to know what to do.

Quite simply, when you realise you are on your own and do not know where the group is:

  • Stay put – if you do not know where you are or are going to, you will only get more lost by moving. Besides the leaders knew where you were last and will look there for you. You could also move out of the area being searched.
  • Make yourself visible – always have some brightly coloured items with you. Clothing, rescue kit etc. Stay in the open if safe to do so. If you have to take refuge from bad weather for example, leave visible markers in a place they will be seen and direct rescuers to your position. If for some safety reason you have to leave the area, leave a highly visible marker and a note explaining what your intention are, so anyone looking for you will know what your plan is. Stick to your plan, do not change it as this will confuse the rescuers.
  • Signal – Fire (if safe to do so), signal mirror, flares, whistle, shouting.
  • Have any gear you have with you packed and ready to go, so when you are found you do not have to waste time packing up.

Plan 8

In the next Blog we will look at ‘In case of death‘…

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