Advertising on AdventurePro is easy and effective.

Your adverts are seen by the people in the industry.

There are various options:

  • Advert 0 – Membership Option: This membership provides auto rotating adverts using your profile information, logo etc. This can be set up the same as any other member level. See top advert on right.COST: ZA R50/month or R300/6 months or R600/year (To get this ad simply take out an ADVERTISER Membership.

Additional adverts may be purchased:

  • Advert 1 –  Rotating image ads (5 sec)  with hyperlink, 220x220px. (R800/year) (Example: Left top)
  • Advert 2 –  Fixed images with hyperlink, 220x110px. (R800/year) (Example: Second from top)
  • Advert 3 –  Rotating images (5 sec)  with hyperlink, 220x110px. (R600/year) (Example: Third from top)
  • Advert 4 –  Fixed images with hyperlink, 220x55px. (R400/year) (Example:Second from bottom)
  • Advert 5 –  Rotating images with hyperlink, 220x55px. (R300/year) (Example:Second from bottom)
  • Advert 6 – Slider banners (5 sec)  with hyperlink, 740x150px. (R900/year) (Example: Bottom of page)

Contact us to arrange these additional advert options or suggest what you need.