When you’re participating in adventurous activities it makes sense to ensure that the people you’re entrusting your life to are properly trained, qualified and registered in terms of the applicable laws.

Many countries, including South Africa have very specific laws that govern all forms of Guiding, and it is important that locals and visitors to these countries only use properly qualified and registered guides, who have undergone thorough skills assessment and are legally registered. This is to protect you as well as the industry. In South Africa, although we recognise that international guides may have good technical skills, they are not allowed by law to guide here and must first attain the local legislated qualifications and register with the Department of National Tourism (DNT). This is to ensure that clients are protected from ‘fly by night’ operators, and the Professional Adventure industry is protected.

Adventure Guiding in South Africa falls into a number of different disciplines. And it is critical that the person you are being led/guided by have the correct technical skills.

How do I check or find out if my Adventure Guide/Leader is legal & qualified?

  • The quickest option is to search for your guide on this site. You can also use this site to look for a guide in the area/region you will be visiting or to look up the various  guiding disciplines recognised in South Africa.
  • The next option is to ask your guide to show you their official registration card, which by law they must carry with them at all times. The back of this card will list what activities and/or areas they are permitted to guide.

Using un-qualified and unregistered guides or leaders puts lives at risk.Butterfly - SA